How to create a Brand Logo? This is how Your Sew Mate Logo was created.

Hey Sew Sisters, are you interested to find out how Your Sew Mate logo is create? Let's go behind the scene and let me show you the steps and tips to create a brand logo yourself too.


Step 1: Decide on your brand name

The most important step is to choose and decide on your brand name. Make sure you are 100% happy with the name before you proceed to the next steps


Step 2: Start Sketching

Dump all possible ideas, designs, combinations. Play with fonts, shapes, lines anything that come to your mind. You can do it for a few days as ideas come anytime, anywhere. 


Step 3: Shortlist a few and start digitalised

I selected these and digitalised it using Adobe illustrator. It's good to create logo like graphics and also to outline the sketches you created. There are also tons of fonts to choose from and you can add any fonts from Adobe Fonts to you illustrator. Here are a few that I digitalised. 


Step 4: Get your friends and potential target audience to vote

Ask them to vote for their favourite two. During the process, you can see their feedback and understand why they like a particular design. It will help if you could include a brand mood board so they have an understanding of the look and feel of your brand. Some of them might not be able to understand what is a mood board and couldn't find a correlation between them, and it perfectly ok.  As branding is an on-going process, there isn't a right or wrong answer to it.

brand moodboard


Step 5: Shortlist Further

At this stage you would have shortlisted your top 2 favourite designs. They could be the most voted one and one that you personally like. The final chosen design might not be the most popular one with the most number of votes, because, you are the brand owner, you can decide what you want and best fit your brand image.

For my case, I didn't choose the one with the needle and thread although it was one of the most popular choice. As Your Sew Mate is not portraying a hand-made brand image, I feel that a modern minimalist style would suits the brand instead of a needle and thread.


Step 6: Choose the final one to work on

Select the final design you want to work on, this is still not the final design and many variations of the logo will spin off from this logo design idea.

A lot of fine tuning works need to be put in like deciding the font type, the spacing between the text, the position of the brand name. 

The strokes on the brand icon, the angle has been adjusted many times. below are how our logo evolved to the final one you see. 


Step 7: Final Logo

This is the final logo you see on our website and on the apparel label and tags.

It's made up of the 3 alphabets from the brand name "YSM" 
It look like a bird with a heart-shaped head flying in the air to signified heart, passion, free, freedom, break-free.

A san serifs font was selected and spaced out to create a minimalist, clean and neat feel. 


The brand is simple, quiet and straightforward. It is quiet but you can feel its presence.


Hope you get to understand more about the brand and logo.


Branding is an on-going process, even the brand logo need to be refreshed now and then due to the change in time, the evolution of the environment and design trends. As a designer, we have to keep up with time and be aware of the design trends. It's not an easy process but definitely a fulfilling one.
Try my steps to create your own brand logo or a personal brand logo, have fun!