2021 Fashion Trends to try this summer

What are you Rocking this Summer?

Photo Credits: Pinterest/ Vogue - Hermès Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show, Chanel Cruise 2021, Boss Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show, 

5 Fashion trends for you to try this summer

1. Oversize

Photo Credits: Pinterest/ Vogue - Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2021

It started with an oversize padded boyfriend jacket and it hit the runway crazy with oversize vest, shirt, and outerwear.  Oversize is a trend to stay, every woman should own at least an oversize Jacket. Paired it with a skinny jeans or a fitted pants. You can easily dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic


2. Black and White

Photo Credits: Pinterest/ Vogue - Chanel Spring Summer 2021

The two classic and timeless colours are Black and White. Match them in contrast to project a sharp and clean style. Wear them monochromatic in all black for a mysterious and cool style, while all white radiate fresh summer vibes.


3. Athleisure

Photo Credits: Pinterest/ Vogue - Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2021, Boss Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

As more of us are working from home due to the pandemic, we want to feel comfortable and yet presentable for our Zoom meeting at home. Especially in summer, a pair of elastic waist band comfy shorts is what you need.


4. Matching set

Photo Credits: Pinterest/ Vogue - Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2021, Chanel Cruise 2021

The coordinated matching set look can be seen at various fashion shows this summer. This is one of those looks that have adapt through times. If you think about almost any period in fashion, there was a two-piece set that mirrored the era's mood in the mix. How about a trying a set of athleisure coordinated set  


5. Link Chain Accessories

Photo Credits: Pinterest/ Vogue - Carolina Herrera Resort 2021, Chloe Spring 2021

It can be seen as chunk bracelet, necklace and earrings. Link chain accessories instantly elevate any outfit. We have also specially curated a few pieces of link chain accessories that are wearable daily.


Have you decided which of these trends to try this summer from Your Sew Mate's Romantic Rock Collection